The Drug War
D.A.R.E. to Rethink Drug Prevention
Colombia: US Crews Involved In Colombian Battle
Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies
The True Cost of the Drug War
'Make Sense, Not War' : Public Wises Up to Bad Drug Policies
The movie "Traffic" vs Reality
For Clinton, Drug War Trumps Human Rights
Colombian Antidrug Guns Disappoint
Alaska: An Act to Re-legalize Hemp
In the name of the Drug War: Swat team kills 11 yr old boy
Prison Beds Ready For Native Americans
We're The bad Guys - Get Us Out Of Colombian Affairs
Killing in the name of the Drug War
The Punishing Decade-The incredible cost of incarcerating the nonviolent
A War by Any Other Name Columbia
Drug Courts A message
Colombia Aid Bill Would Escalate A Failed Policy
Democratic Party Presidential Drug Money Pipeline
The Most Dangerous Machine Ever Devised!
Treatment instead of jail
Drug policy reform effort
Veterans for a More Effective Drug Strategy
Will Military Aid to Columbia mean another Vietnam?

It's not just prisoners, but other victims of the war on drugs

The Nazi comparison
Just say NO to Searches!
Pot Crops Replace Moonshine - Prison replaces last form of free enterprise In US
Marijuana penalties state by state
Senate Candidate Opposed To The Drug War!
Elian And The Drug War from Arianna Online
Profiteering and Prohibition
Maximizing Harm Drug War losers and winners
No corruption? Think again! Shocking chilling facts
A Losing Battle? A judge's opinion
Weed and Seed This is a U.S. Justice Department program designed to occupy and contain communities under the guise of solving their problems.
There's fungus among us! Florida Drug Czar Jim McDonough has proposed dusting Florida with a Maryjane killing fungus named Fusarium Oxysporum.
Florida activist faces police brutality
D.A.R.E. Drug Abuse Resistance Education is the program conceived by Daryl Gates of Rodney King infamy.
When the dog comes Drug abuse education in our schools
What should we do? On November 3, 1999 the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation co-sponsored a press conference, releasing a letter to "drug czar" Gen. Barry McCaffrey rejecting the U.S. export of the failed "war on drugs" to Latin-America.
Just one of the thousands of drug war POWs Is this a hardened criminal?.
The Green Triangle Not again!
Strange Days An Editorial by William Kaber
The Pizza War Just say no to pizza --- Humor
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Drug War News
Congress approves bill for alternative treatment for mentally ill
Pendulum Swinging Away From Prison for Drug Offenders More states are exploring options to incarceration
Scott "Bullhorn" Bledsoe arrested for free speech at Bush rally
Accused Drug Kingpin Commits Suicide
US: House Considers More Aid For Colombia
Nader says decriminalize marijuana
Copters help triple removal of pot plants
The law made him do it!
Democrats Halt Meth Bill
4 Women Granted Clemency By Clinton
Denver man killed in "no knock" drug raid at wrong house
Columbia Chopper Wars Arianna Online
Peter McWilliams Outspoken advocate of medical marijuana succumbs to AIDS/Physical & emotional shock/Government oppression
Marijuana Arrests Stay at Record-High Level
Forfeiture for profit- Nancy Walls Story
Hawaii Legalizes Marijuana for medical use
Drug War Corruption Nationwide-Drug Investigations No Knock Raids, Entrapment, Seizures, Set-ups, Endangerment, Missing Drugs and Guns
Oregon Plundered By Drug War
Did You Hear about the Snitch Site? Talk about profiteering! -- Where you could turn in your neighbor to the cops. But all that has changed now thanks to negative feedback. We all made the site famous (infamous?) Maybe now they'll sell the domain for the asking price of $750,000! ( $300 minimum bid ) Geez Louise.....
Where our tax money is going On January 11th, the Clinton administration proposed an aid package of $1.6 billion to help Colombia in its struggle to control drug traffickers
The China/Mexico Affair China's silent invasion.














Treatment, Not Sterilization, Is The Way To Help
Breaking the cycle of addiction
Cocaine craving and addiction
Courageous mother of a son fallen victim to heroin, speaks truth about addiction
Native Americans open own substance abuse center
Hypericum & Depression
Alternative Treatment
End Addiction
Honest Drug Abuse Info
Exploring the labyrinth of the human mind To fully understand why the individual becomes addicted we must consider addictive behavior in our societal lives.
The MACC Newsletter Drugs sweep across America....Compelling first-hand stories from real life....Letters to MACC from our readers.
A letter to a drugwar P.O.W. 80% of the prison population nationwide are incarcerated for drug related offenses. Paul is one of them. Though the instances are real, names have been changed to protect all parties involved.
Info on Meth/Crystal/Speed













Florida: For humanity in our prisons
The Punishing Decade-The incredible cost of incarcerating the nonviolent
Prison Issues
Our Prison Nation by Schiraldi and Ziedenberg - Justice Policy Institute
Prison Labor
Prisoner Advocacy Articles, penpal sites, ministries & Orgs
Prison Watch
The Private Prison Industry Business as usual in America
T-Shirts to wear in protests against prisoner human rights violations
Inmate and Prison News
















Prison Issues
Veterans In Prison or Jail
Incarcerated Parents and their Children
American Gulag by Jerome G. Miller
NAACP prisoner registration drive signs up 11,000 new voters!
Florida: For humanity in our prisons
Mycoplasma Experiments Conducted in Texas Prisons
Texas Prisons Could Use Some Help: That`s Putting It Mildly
Wisconsin Senator calls for probe into out-of-state prisons
Death Row at the Arcade
Chair of Death
Devil/Death Chair coming to a Coliseum near you!
HMO`s behind bars: Harmers instead of healers
U.N. Torture Monitoring Agency Raps U.S. Over Brutality in Jails
Tough Policies, Soft Heads by Jon Gonsalves
America's 21st-Century Gulag by James Carroll
Sheeple: Behavioral patterns of those conforming to societal "norms"
Misconceptions About Prison Life by Jeanette Doil
Think Prison Rape is Funny? Wonder why rape stats are up in your community? Well wonder no more....
SuperMax Prisons Stop Supermax Prison Torture
Society of Professional Journalists: Media access to prisoners gets tougher
UN Rebukes US Over Prisoner Abuses!
Prison=Rape=AIDS=Death Sentence
Prison Rape to heterosexuals spreads AIDS throughout U.S.!
U.S.A. - Rights for All Year-long campaign by Amnesty International
States that bar ex-offenders from voting
Poison gassing of inmates at federal facility
Report from Amnesty International
Prison Moratorium Colorado's citizens are on the hard road to prison reform, despite a tough-on-crime governor.
It`s time to unlock the door to mental health
Suicide In Prison
SuperMax Prison Torture Cruel & unusual punishment
Letter from a Mother
Weight lifting in prisons
Three million Americans lose right to vote More to come
Training Americans to Rape: The Role of our Jails, Prisons, and Reformatories
Native Americans in Prison
Deadheads Behind Bars Taxpayers foot the bill to incarcerate 2,000 entrapped deadheads. $40-$50 million a year!
They call themselves Psychedelic POW's More casualties of the drug war
Rural Prison as Colonial Master Pelican Bay stinks from trumped up charges to brutalization by guards
Inept Lawmakers = Indirect Murder of Kids
Our Prison Nation by Schiraldi and Ziedenberg - Justice Policy Institute
A letter to a Prisoner's Father and his distressed reply
Drug Companies Use Inmates as human guinea pigs in exchange for shoes and food
Veterans The homeless and an article by Arby O'Keefe
Just one of the thousands of drug war POWs Is this a hardened criminal?.
Prison rape Those who are incarcerated in the name of the Drug War find themselves in danger of becoming prime meat/victims for prison rape.
Collect calls from the pen Inmate collect call gouging, or making a fortune off misfortune.












Prison Labor
Study on Prison Labor
Congress balks at prison plan to clothe military
High Tech products made by prisoners
Prison Factories: Slave Labor for the New World Order?
United States - 'Made in USA' ... but By Convicts
Was Maynard Campbell Murdered to save UNICOR?
Oregon construction jobs go to prison labor
P.I.E. -- Prison Industry Enhancement
Prison In-Plants Not just license plates now-- It's the going thing
Uncle Tom's Cell Prison Labor - an old idea - Slavery!
Curbing the Prison Industrial Complex













Prison & Inmate News
Hawaii Settles In Mackey Feary Suicide
Convicted murderer suing agency over use of criticized prison device Louisiana
Hawaii Wants To Build New $4 Million Facility
American's death spotlights corruption, filth in Mexico prisons
Messages from the heart Woman offers inmates a link to their families
Indiana DOC vs. Angry Mother
The high cost of hard time
Reno pushes for funding to help ex-convicts
New Warden/New Prison in Hawaii
Hawaii inmates revolt over rice
Inmate's death raises questions on stun guns, investigation
Missouri inmates abused in Texas jails reach $2.2 million settlement
Transfer to Death: Drug War Claims Another
California: State doesn't need new prison
Families of Victims of Police Brutality say: Stop The Execution of Mumia Abu-Jamal!
Settlement in Restraint Chair Death
Florida Inmate hangs Self with guards nearby
Update on RDJr
Leonard Peltier denied parole! ---------------------------------------------------------June 12, 2000. Parole Officer demands confession
Gladiator Verdict Comes In
Brutal Murder in Texas! Go to Our Texas Watch Page
Those Mean Old Russians Are Showing Some Decency
Pelican Bay Update Guards kill inmate
The "Hardening" of the prisons It's causing unrest & violence
Prisoner surrenders after taking female guard hostage
Medical malpractice leads to escape and acquittal
Something's going on State to state transfers of inmates is rampant
Too many people in prison? An article from the LA Times
Hawaiian Female prisoners taken to Texas by "Goon Squads"














Prisoner Advocacy
Jail Mail A place to find prison inmates who need pen pals
NAPS Native American Prisoner Support
Citizens Against Military Injustice
U.S.A. - Rights for All Year-long campaign by Amnesty International
Correctional Education Connections Giving Voices and Choices to Inmates
Wise Words from a Brit: What a Brit thinks of US prisons and how prisoners are treated
Workers Federation Reforming the punishment industry
Prison Potpourri Prison issues FORUM
Reaching out to troubled youth
Making the Walls Transparent Prisoners of Florida
Ohio Criminal Justice Program
Soldiers of the Cross Ministry for incarcerated Vietnam veterans
CellPals Write an inmate and help in the rehabilitation process
Patrick Crusade Their Mission: To protect human rights and correct the abuse that is endemic to our prison system
U.N.C.P. Professor David's Corrections Resource.
PARC Prison Activist Resource Center -- with many references
Penn-Pals Prison Inmate Services Network
Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul














Prison Watch

Alabama - Arkansas - California - Colorado Connecticut - Florida - Hawaii - Illinois --Indiana Massachusetts - Michigan - Mississippi - Missouri Nevada - New Mexico - -New York - Ohio - Oklahoma - Oregon - Pennsylvania - Texas - Utah - Virginia Wisconsin













Law Enforcement & Prison Guard Issues
Gladiator Verdict Comes In
41 Shots
When cops become combat troops
Dear Police Officer ...
Guards punished for doing the right thing!
Food for Thought The mentality of guards - a short experiment
Achtung! It's Christmas Get an early start on Christmas shopping this year. Check out what merchants have got for you online. Start off by trimming the tree with OFFICER SANTA! It'll be a blue Christmas......
The Daillo Case - Updated
The MACC Poll On Police brutality. Let's have your vote
Cop Crimes Cops call the CopCrimes homepage a dangerous site.
Florida Prison Guards Indicted the St. Petersburg Times
Officers accused of molesting female inmates
Guard tells it like it is From the Gainesville (Florida) Sun
You Should Know About the FBIs views on public protest












Jail Watch
Memphis, Tennessee The jail from hell!
After $900,000 settlement, County hit with yet another wrongful death lawsuit
Michigan Women Denied Civil Rights In Jails
Jail Abuse -- Medicine cut off before fatal struggle
Jail Guards Fail Drug Tests