Government and Politics
Just when we thought it was bad, it gets worse
Nader Tells Corporations to Get Out of the Prison Industry
Prisoners not human, say lawmakers
Strange Bedfellows CCA Connections
Potholes or people
No corruption? Think again! Shocking chilling facts
Battle in Seattle The WTO demonstration
Where our tax money is going On January 11th, the Clinton administration proposed an aid package of $1.6 billion to help Colombia in its struggle to control drug traffickers
Uncle Sam says: I want you....In prison! Drug policy laws are more dangerous than the drugs.
Hypocrisy You'll be surprised!
Links to Crack/Contra/CIA Connection
Andy Martin Senate Candidate Opposed To The Drug War!
Democratic Party Presidential Drug Money Pipeline
Enviromentalists apalled --at Gores refusal to stop Colombia oil drilling
High prices at the pump? Oil money gushing into Bush campaign
The famous gwbush site Humor? Yes, but read between the lines

























Government Corruption

Meet Michael C. Ruppert, a former LAPD narcotics investigator & eyewitness who has been working on one case for 21 years --- Covert operations by the CIA, political bigwigs and other government agencies. It goes to the top of the hill. Chilling facts, reports and documents.....NASTY stuff here!

From the Wilderness












Protests, Rallys and Events
Upcoming Events And Calls to Action
Texas: Marchers Protest Medical Marijuana Ban
ACTION ALERT: Drug Czar Continues Assault on First Amendment !
Prison Reform Unity Project Volunteers needed!
How Americans can buy American
Christian Activism
Boycott Chinese goods-Stop slave labor-Stop the loss of American jobs!
Stop the Helicopters to Columbia! Visit our page on this
Journey For Justice Fascinating reading from on the road

April 4th! Robert Downey Jr Demonstration-Party-Protest-Movie Opening in New York City---- ------- It's over & here's how it went

Oregon's Citizen Justice Conference 2000
The February 15th Prison Vigils
Visit Granny D A great old lady walking for campaign reform
Pacifica Update! Save Pacifica Network Radio
Two MIllion Too Many! National Vigil Project - Feb. 15 2000 -- Go here for a list of prisons and contacts--------- How they turned out at the vigil
Could You Go to Jail for Vitamins?













Draconian Laws
Laws and Morality
Forfeiture for profit- Nancy Walls Story
States that bar ex-offenders from voting
Your House is Under Arrest
Marijuana penalties state by state
Rolling back three strikes
Prisoners not human, say lawmakers
Families Against Mandatory Minimums
T.U.F.F. - Together United for Freedom
Letter to Ann Landers From a mother (Drug Policy Reformation)
Asset Forfeiture: ...................................................................................... .......How law enforcement abuses authority by seizing property
Laws Impact The Justice System Perverted
Oregon's Citizen Justice Conference 2000
Criminal Forfeiture
A not so nutty professor An editorial from DRCnet
3 Strikes laws Observations and conclusions from the Think Tank.
The Three Strikes Law is not a solution!
Generating Fear: The Politics of crime reporting
Uncle Sam says: I want you....In prison! Drug policy laws are more dangerous than the drugs.














Big Business
Collect calls from the pen Inmate collect call gouging, or making a fortune off misfortune.
The NRA has its agenda The National Rifle Association --- Lock and load!
Who runs the private prisons? America's new corporations are growing fast.
World Trade Organization And the Prison Industrial Complex
Evils of Globalization
Profit & Punishment The booming prison business













The Private Prison Industry
Nader Tells Corporations to Get Out of the Prison Industry
Steel Town Lockdown
Trouble behind bars: Chaos in Colorado CCA Prisons
Multinational companies finance private prison growth
Jobfair held for townfolk - Supermax cost 74 million - Job program to be proud of?
Prison Realty Bailed Out Prison Realty & CCA had 1999 losses of $265 million while stock went from $22.37 to $2.12, closing at $2.50. Pacific Life Insurance Co. bailed them out with $200 million!
More Wacky Hutt business In Juvie Facilities
Corporate Prison Spin Doctor Faces Ethics Charges
Wackenhut's Free Market in Human Misery
Strange Bedfellows CCA Connections
Entrenched privates
Privates Intent on Gobbling up Canada
Private Prisons: Profits of Crime Covert Action Quarterly
AFSCME Anti-Privatization Site
Who runs the private prisons? America's new corporations are growing fast.
Making Crime Pay? A MACC article
CCA & Prison Realty Merge













Health Care Service embezzles tax monies
The Corrections Connection: Companies profiting off prisons
Profiteers and Prohibition A massive socialist undertaking-a government-led employment scheme created by passing laws prohibiting substances
Alabama firms may get boost from drug war!
Taking Prisoners for a Ride Private Transportation Firms
The Most Dangerous Machine Ever Devised!
Prisoners Organs a Commodity!
Kill inmate brains, harvest entire body, say legislator ghouls!
Juvenile Profiteering Boot Camp or Death Camp?
Profiteering off the Police State From scooters to police bikes
Census Profiteering!
History of a Profiteer High-tech telephone call-gouging
America's New Capitalism America's biggest wall street merger: Crime and Capitalism. The inmate workforce.
Slavery is coming back! We have the dubious distinction of having more people in our prisons than any other country. This has been done, so they say, for the purpose of deterring and punishing crime. Is it now?
Arkansas River of Blood Death for Sale!















In the News
Elian And The Drug War from Arianna Online
Woody Harrelson to Face Marijuana Trial
Injudicious Judy The wacko judge
Battle in Seattle The WTO demonstration
Robert Downey Jr. -- Arrested again!
Robert Downey Jr. His trials and tribulations. Past stories, updates and pictures. Updated Jan 2001-------- See our RD Jr. Supporter's Tribute Page:
Chris Farley He made us laugh until we cried.
Billy Preston Here it go round in circles... His day in court.
Tim Allen
The Kennedys They have already sacrificed enough as a family for this ungrateful country. If there is one thing you should know about the Kennedy family, it is that they do what they do on behalf of the country.
Whitney Houston Trouble in Paradise.
Bobby Brown's Prerogative: Jail Time