Tests at prisons, airports, truckstops now...

are highways, streets and homes next?

The IONSCAN® 400 by Barringer Instruments, Inc. of New Providence, NJ, uses a hand-held vacuum much like a dust buster, to obtain a sample from a person's clothes, ID, documents or hands. The sample seized in the vacuum is on a filter which is about the size of a thumb nail. The filter is then analyzed within six seconds in an instrument that can detect up to 20 narcotics. The instrument gives a pass or fail reading and does not provide a level or intensity reading.

A scanning device called IONSCAN, made by Barringer Technologies out of New Jersey, threatens to divest people of their liberties worldwide. The IONSCAN "supposedly" tests for traces of Cocaine, Heroin, LSD, Marijuana, Methamphetamine and "others" according to Barringer Tech. At the moment the IONSCAN is being used in U.S. prisons to "test" visitors of inmates. What they're really doing is using it as a tool of intimidation and an excuse to deprive inmates of visits from their friends and relatives. Be advised that trace amounts of drugs can be found on every bill in circulation due to bank drug money laundering. Barringer insists the machine is calibrated so it won't get a false positive, yet when testing prison visitors, the guards randomly pull people out of line, tell them to take out their money and count it and then test them. Uncanny how they could "guess" which visitors would be "dirty". Looks suspiciously like they couldn't test everyone in line because everyone would test positive! Barringer has units in prisons in 20 U.S. states and is actively soliciting prison officials in Europe. Visitors to Louisiana, New York and Maryland (resulting in 4 arrests) prisons have confirmed they've been denied visits on the basis of the IONSCAN "test". One 68-year-old grandmother vehemently denied the accusation saying, "I'm being treated as a criminal and I don't appreciate it." Joe Cook, Executive Director of the Louisiana ACLU called use of the scanner "unconscionable" and "If the prison has a drug courier problem, it's with their own people, not the visitors. Usually when there are drugs in a prison, members of the staff are involved. "Indeed, why aren't the staff tested with the "foolproof" IONSCAN? What have they got to hide? What are they afraid of? This is where the persecutory aspect of this testing rears it's ugly fascist head, in this picking and choosing of victims to accuse. You'd best believe that the IONSCAN is being "tested" in prisons first because the assumption is that the public doesn't care about the liberties of prisoners or their visitors. Will we see a significant attitudinal change when the public at large starts getting "tested"? Barringer touts it's scanner to be the world's leading drug detector and stands to make a tidy profit at $39,000 a pop.

The SABRE 2000 has been carefully designed with the user in mind and can be easily operated by non-technical personnel (?).

They're already gearing up to put these machines in airports to scan I.D.'s and credit cards. No telling what got on all those credit/debit cards inserted into the ATM prior to yours. Barringer also has a portable model scanner for roadside traffic stops, DUI/Drug Checkpoints, schools, universities, public buildings, homes... the applications are wide and scary. Who or what was in your home before you lived there? How about the mechanic who worked on your car or the vacuum cleaner at the carwash? Unless you reside in a plastic bubble we suggest you consider the ramifications of the most dangerous machine ever devised.

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