The Chris Farley Story


Though M.A.C.C. is primarily focused on crack/crank and their unique problems, capricious combinations are more norm than ab on the street   thanks to designerslashdemonsslashchemist persons burning the midnight oil. Whether they "toil" for alcohol & tobacco or opiate & stimulant, they "toil" for thee. Bending, adding, convoluting their cowardly expression of overt hostility .... chilling and killing the beautiful   and the free .... you or your loved one. Chris Farley was a loved one. Loved by family, friends and fans. One big lovable puppy willing to go to incredible and dangerous lengths for a laugh. A laugh! For approval and affirmation of the group. This insatiable craving for love was snickered at by some and appreciated by many. A mixture of heroin and cocaine, known as a "speedball" killed Chris Farley just as it killed his idol, John Belushi before him, both at age 33. Many crack/crank users turn to speedballs to extend the high and cushion the fall. The popular actor Christian Slater also favors this combination. Now let us take a lesson .... the users know what to take and the chemists know what to make and yet the public is largely clueless .... well get a clue! Stop the ignorant blaming. Let go of it and let the rest of us help those who want and need help.This is not a criminal justice problem, this is a public health problem. We have to decide if we want to live in a punishing world or a forgiving world. The punishing world is not working.