Potholes or People

by Christina McGarey

I find it very interesting that Governor Gray Davis of California has more concern over fixing potholes than people.

Davis has become involved in identifying funds for local transportation projects. He will he announcing his transportation plan soon. He is also going to Los Angeles soon to announce plans for that region. Which I find interesting since this is not a standard function of the governor.

I would like to know when Davis plans to identify funds for people and our prison system? When will he announce a plan for our problems within the system? And when will he be visiting these locations to learn more about the realities of such places? These kinds of acts are apart of the governor's normal functions, which he has decided to ignore.

Davis is fully aware of the problems within our prison system. However, he chooses not to take on these issues. I assume this is because it is more important for him to conduct in a way that acknowledges the people that sponsored his campaign.

Davis has made it very clear that he does not have much concern for people in prison. Since our prisons are operated by the funds of taxpayers, I would say it is safe to conclude that he does not care for us either. He is fully aware (as is every department of the government) of the amounts of money that are being wasted. These dollars are not small, they are in the millions. He just keeps spending our money like it grows on trees. If he does not care about the human life we keep incarcerated, the least he could do is care enough to make the system run correctly.

Davis wants to give Silicon Valley $760 million to run BART trains from Fremont to San Jose and hopes to land $600 million in LA. Why doesn't he spend as much effort and money on the issues of people? He is more concerned with deciding on which highways to widen or which potholed streets need to he filled. The only attention Davis is giving is to the "things" and not the "people". He has a lack for detail, a warped sense of budget, a lack of concern for the working people, no morals for human rights and a confused sense of where to spend his time.