Hard to Believe But True!

Can you imagine working at the following company?

It has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics:

*29 have been accused of spousal abuse

*7 have been arrested for fraud

*19 have been accused of writing bad checks

*117 have bankrupted at least two businesses

*3 have been arrested for assault

*71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit

*14 have been arrested on drug-related charges

*8 have been arrested for shoplifting

*21 are current defendants in lawsuits

*In 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving

Can you guess which organization this is? Give up? It's the 535 members of our United States Congress. The same group that perpetually cranks out hundreds upon hundreds of new laws designed to keep the rest of us in line. P.S. I believe the lowest paid member still makes over $100,000. Think of this next time you get to vote.


Recent Quotes

Robert Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project (http://www.mpp.org)

"Given that many of our elected leaders have admitted to their own past drug use, it behooves us to examine this issue. It is certainly hypocritical, if not morally reprehensible, when our elected officials actively support the wholesale arrest and incarceration of others who engage in the same behavior for which they themselves ask absolution."

John Kerry (Democrat-Maine)

"The issue about George Bush is not the fact that he may have used it. The issue about George Bush is, how can you, if you have (used cocaine), have a position that is so at odds in terms of being a governor where you send a lot of other people who may have done the same thing you do to jail. That's the issue. It's not a question of whether he used it or when he used it, it's a question of what his policy is today and whether that's hypocritical and dangerous."