Did You Hear About This Site? Talk About Profiteering!


Thanks to Kay Lee for exposing this site

"Thank you for your interest. We changed DrugTip.com's message in only one day." Kay Lee


------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Dan Subject: Re: Oh, My God!!!! DrugTip.com! Now, now... let's help them out. They are sincere in wanting to help our communities, so let's tell them about that nasty rapist, Mr. Clinton, who is moving to Chappaqua; that awful John Rowland in Connecticut, who beat his wife, that munchie fiend Mrs. Gore, who smoked pot with her husband albert.....---etc

------------------------------------------------------------------- They DID change their home page to say this. Anybody think these would-be Himmlers and Berias can be trusted? Regards, ---don

------------------------------------------------------------------ Mike, I want to know something? Are you capitalizing on the drug war or do you actually think this site is a good idea? I think I could understand somewhat if this was all about money but if it's supposed to be about justice then I am so horribly, severely grossed out by your site that I curl up in total revulsion of citizens buying into the Nazi Regime of the insane Drug War (which is nothing more than a pyramid scheme by the federal government). If you have any personal honor at all, research what you're backing before you do so and get rid of this site. Freedom of Speech? Yeah, got that right. What about the rest of the Bill of Rights? Throw it away and what do we have left? IMO, nothing! --cj *WORKERS FEDERATION ++THE BILL OF RIGHTS... (Void where prohibited by law)+++++ The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them. That is the essence of inhumanity. --George Bernard Shaw

----------------------------------------------------------------------- If this page gets forwarded properly (technology is great when it works), you will see the page which lists the price requested to buy this domain name - a mere $750,000!!! Any takers? And now they aren't even turning in criminals. Just asking for money and trying to sell the site domain for 3/4 of a million dollars! Any one else smell something fishy? Am I just too cynical? http://www.greatdomains.com/details.asp?domid=110662 In Liberty, -----R. W. QUESTION AUTHORITY! Salus Populi Suprema Est "The Welfare of the People is the First Law" http://www.ka.net/randy

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds like a good plan, but the number of hits it generates may well only go to enrich them. If you prefer to send a message to a sponsor:Hit them where it really hurts..! ---RL

information@americangreetings.com shannon.lapierre@staples.com support@800.com brianw@ubid.com advertising@free-banners.com

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Some scumbag nazi has a site up called drugtip.com. Maybe we should turn in local police chiefs and sheriffs. It's rather obvious they are profiting from drugs. ---Skywolf

---------------------------------------------------------------------- To the dishonest Nanny-Nazis at http://www.drugtip.com: your despicable tips page states "This site is 100% anonymous. We do not want your name or your e-mail address. All we want is for you to give as much information as you can. After we receive the information, we will forward it to the law enforcement agency in your area. You will never be contacted because we do not know who you are!" I don't believe you are not logging IP addresses, to keep tabs on the "Concerned Citizens" (previously known as "Good Germans" you are encouraging to inform on their parents, bosses, ex-spouses and anyone with whom they disagree. If you're NOT logging IP addresses of tipsters, why don't you proclaim so on the site? ---Don

------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear DrugTip.com: You've got to be kidding me. You are fascists, joining in all the others who make a living off this multi-billion dollar industry that is the drug war. If you want to protect children, call for an end to the drug war and prohibition. No prohibition, no black market with pushers hanging around the schools looking for customers. Get a clue. A 15 year old kid can buy crack easier than a pack of cigarettes or a can of beer. We as a nation house 25% of the worlds prison population (2 million and growing daily). It's hysterical people like you who have caused this by turning a blind eye to the libertarian principles that guided the founding of this nation in favor of economic and political gain. You are the same people that burned witches in Salem, fed the Inquisition, and led Jews to death camps. www.mapinc.org www.drugsense.org www.november.org www.drcnet.org I will not only boycott your sponsors, I will join in forming activists groups promoting their boycott. Oh, by the way, that tip I had for you.... some guy from Tennessee smoked dope... goes by the name of Gore, Al I think. And then there a guy from Texas... smoked some pot, and many say even dipped into cocaine. Bush is his name... has a famous dad, you should be able to track him down. Then there's a guy from New Jersey, a former basketball player (they all smoke dope, don't they?)... Bill Bradley's his name. Readily admits to have smoked pot quite a bit. Go get 'em, you really concerned citizens. ---R.L.

Nannyism is soft-core fascism.. fascism with training wheels

-------------------------------------------------------------------- From: feedback Thanks for the tip. Let me know when you have kids and then maybe you will understand what we are doing. RESPONSE: My kids are ages 25 and 28. Please don't assume. Let me know when you read the Constitution, then you'll understand what WE are doing. I doubt you will, as evidenced by your willingness to suspend the Bill of Rights in favor of economic gain. Or is it simply that you have been propagated into an inability to get past the emotional rhetoric and use reason as a basis for decision making? Maybe reason will win out among those who fund you. www.reason.org ---RLR

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Can anyone tell me what list this was posted on? Get the word out? Of course! (But not in the the sense that he means :-)--- Activist_List-unsubscribe@listbot.com

---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is pretty scary and horrifying - I notice that he suggests we send input and let him know what we think to mike@drugtip.com - I suggest we all do just that. ---Document Publishing & Editing Center University of California Santa Cruz

-------------------------------------------------------------------- What a piece of work! I checked out the site and I will be sending "Mike" a message. Just when you start to feel good about the efforts to end the war on drugs, along comes this, this, thing crawling out from a rotting corpse! ---MPer

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Or send a note of concern to the advertizers you see on Mike's web page http://www.drugtip.com/ It is my hunch that Mike cares a lot less about drug tips than about the $10 people send him, and the ad revenue. ---John C.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Kay, This is really scary stuff. Very threatening, in what is already this police state we live in. I can see law enforcement setting up a “fishing” site like this. Maybe the victim has assets to forfeit.$$$!! It falls in line with the way they operate now. nothing is beneath them. The Internet, where would we be without it? Your admirer, ---Bruce

------------------------------------------------------------------ Staples is advertising on the drugtip.com site of which a listmember advised us. If you want to give them feedback about supporting an anonymous informant network: http://www.staples.com/support/contact/contact.asp?Type=pr ABOLISH

--------------------------------------------------------------------- The whole concept of the site appals me. It brings to mind many thousands of jews being dragged away to death camps on the anonymous tip of an ill-wisher. It brings to mind gentiles being dragged away to death camps because their anonymous accuser said that they were almost certainly jews. Perhaps if we could all be confident of the competence and impartiality of the police department to whom the tip would be forwarded we could make use of the site with a clear conscience. But knowing the use that the Nazis made of such anonymous tips, and knowing the partiality of many police departments for improving their statistics at the expense of at least some innocent victims, I have absolutely no confidence that your site will not be badly abused. ---P.W.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ i i checked out the website and i was so disgusted that i wrote to mike? i asked him how he could tell the difference between real and ficticious info. I also asked him if he turned in info does he then recieve the usual rewards that go along with thatsort of thing.And if not who was going to fund the1000$ he wants to give out for the info. I then asked him if he was aware of ? and then i gave the whole shpiel of statistics. and so forth. then i told him i would love to hear from him. then i logged on and snitched off george w bush for doing coke. what the hell you gotta have a little fun right! actually the whole thing is terrifying. I never thought id see a professional snitch website. unbelievable. ---deb

--------------------------------------------------------------------- This type of site is so insidious in the way it perpetuates Drug War propaganda. Its a threat to the very fabric of our society to advocate snitching and pitting Americans against Americans. The same climate of suspicion was fostered by Hitler and flourished in German society, pitting neighbor against neighbor, sons and daughters against parents (as DARE does, by the way). This "charity" is profiteering off the Drug War just like DARE does. It`s reprehensible as all profiteering is and that`s why my organization was conceived, to expose the despicable profiteering off the Drug War by government and the private sector. Perhaps we, as concerned citizens should give the site owners a clue about who is dealing drugs, the CIA, and why! This site (visited by 50,000 thinking people dishes up the dirt on the CIA http://www.copvcia.com ---Sincerely, Director / MACC http://macc.4mg.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey what if we go to the tip site and turn in all the politicians that have admitted to smokeing pot and doing coke but have not done their time yet. Tell Mike after they do their time then we will turn in our neighbors , brothers,sisters or what ever? ---Randy

------------------------------------------------------------------- Yello Here is one to send them,,,,,,,,, lets stop legal drug pushers turn in a doctor!!!! >>>>>Study: More Kids on Prescribed Drugs CHICAGO (AP) - A study of more than 200,000 preschool-age children shows that the number of 2- to 4-year-olds on psychiatric drugs including Ritalin and anti-depressants such as Prozac soared 50 percent between 1991 and 1995. The study was reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Experts said they are troubled by the findings, because the effects of such drugs in children so young are largely unknown.<<<<< Freedom is never free!!!!! ---Roger T.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- those are the sites the hackers should be attacking. that is so disgusting. ---gale

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Kay - I sent mike a little note - something like this: your site should be rats.com. Hope he appreciates it. ---grnch

------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello Mike, i saw your web site and want to take full advantage of it. I am prepared to provide evidence and testify to you selling heroin and inhalents to George W. Bush and watching him and his wife shoot up, while his kids are playing on the floor. I have computer generated images, and pretty much just my word. It will be good to get these druggies off the streets. After all, that is all it takes, just someones word? Let me know what this is worth, I'm sure at least a few hundred dollars! Oh, and you are a Nanny Stater and a nazi scumbag. Snitch on your neighbor indeed. Been reading Mein Kampf? Maybe you should. Good intentions WRONG solutions, typical of Bleaters like you and your ilk. Respecfully, ---R. D. ---Americans Against the Drug War http://endthedrugwar.org So let's turn in Rick Rogers cowboy@jug-or-not.com

-------------------------------------------------------------------- spread the word on this that we should use it to turn in Clinton, Bush, Reno, etc. we can have a ball with this! sending in local pols, aldermen, etc. ---Jane Doe

---------------------------------------------------------------------- As for it being legal, it certainly is not. Read the Constitution; no warrant shall issue except by the sworn oath or afirmation of two citizens. Aparently, this site is hosted through prodigy's web hosting services. I say we give `em a hand. Know of a cop who beats his wife or kids? How `bout a crooked DA? What's brother Jeb's address? ---Ginger Http://Fornits.com/ Webmistress@Fornits.com (Ginger) If they can get you to watch your tv, then it doesn't need to watch you . . .

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you guys see you can advertise with a banner at their site? I am pondering the idea. It's 45 bucks a month. Yes, I know I wouldn't want to give them a penny. But just think: there are three banners a page. What if we could fill the whole first page with Drug Policy Reform ads? Would they turn us down or be so greedy and take it? Regards--- Rolf Americans Against the Drug War http://www.endthedrugwar.org

--------------------------------------------------------------------- This is dangerous. Anyone can accuse anyone without any clues. During the Middle Ages, in parts of Europe that were under Vatican, whoever disliked somebody, went to the Inquisitors and said that this person was a witch/wizzard. And the most possible was that the person was about to be tortured and burned... It seems some people want to reinstate this. There is also a possibility that this person is a kind of agent or that he wants to use information for his own purposes, e.g. blackmails. Who knows? Thanks for the info, such info is never out of topic. Best regards ---Maria

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Please convey to your top management my shock at finding that your ad at www.drugtip.com It is bad enough that we have confidential informants and snitches who lie in return for money and other things of value. Now you subsidize a CyberBigBrother to make lying and snitching even more efficient and more anonymous. George Orwell must be lying now in his grave in tears. I will remember your ad, and in the future I will avoid Staples and tell my friends to do likewise. You should be ashamed.--- R. D.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ I sent letters to every advertizer on that page - even one to Zurich. Anger is a great motivator. ---J.C.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Please convey my dismay at viewing your ad at www.drugtip.com If you do not pull your ad and condemn this group for its "good intentions/bad solutions", in the future I will avoid Staples and tell my friends to do likewise. Has anyone actually read the site and see what forms of abuse and potential fraud it can create? My assumption that Staples is a quality company with quality people must be just that, an assumption. And a wrong one at that. I"m just a small business owner, one of your target markets no doubt and I am sure if word of this gets out, more customers like me will have to go elsewhere with their needs. My web site is www.bbqtogo.com

------------------------------------------------------------------------ I believe that an individual has the right to be confronted by his accusers - does this sound familiar? My personal, and I stress personal, opinion is that while you may have the best of intentions, you are opening a door for false accusations against innocent people. Granted, some of the information obtained from your site may be truthful, but when you wave money in someone's face - as the DEA did for 16 years, you're inviting trouble. This is especially true when you are telling people you don't want their name or their email address and they will never be contacted because you do not want to know who they are. Please feel free to help me understand this issue if you so desire. ---J. H.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Please let me know what would prevent me from manufacturing a story about someone I don't like and submitting it to your site. Are you prepared to accept liability if such a false report were turned in, and in the subsequent police action, someone innocent (either citizen or cop)was injured or killed? Please let me know how you protect yourself and by extension, ME(since my own neighbor might also get mad at ME and turn in a false report). ---S. H.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- So what have we here? An anonymous-snitch service? One that promises to "lead to the arrest and conviction of drug dealers and other criminals!". Arrest based on what? Conviction based on what? Just on the fact that someone sent in an email accusing his/her neighbour (as Kay Lee said) of being up to no good? Just for argument's sake, why not just dial-up the local precinct from a phone booth to do this if you are so certain? Why email via some website? Kay Lee has hinted at this too and the fact remains that it is an excellent way to give your neighbour hell (for using a noisy lawn-mower early on Sundays?). Turn the bugger in as a drug-dealer! It would sure bring some excitement to your neighbourhood with all those jocks running around in bullet-proof vests etc. The kids would love it! Man what a gas! On the other hand, one could make excellent use of such a service. I have a good notion to turn in a number of folks for REAL crimes. Who do I start off with now? Damn! Blair, Solana and all those guys are not US citizens so I will have to skip them. Hmmmm, Wild Bill Clinton and Mad-Dog Albright would be a good start - I wonder if there is such a crime as genocide in the first degree? Or will it have to be homicide#1 for each of the victims of their deeds? Come to think of it, the possibilities are endless! It has been said that to spread doubt amongst the ranks of the enemy is a very important step towards demoralizing them. On the other hand there is a (Greek) saying that freely translated says "keep an eye on your garments that you may save half of them". I think my opinion is more than obvious so I will tire you no more. Regards, The List Owner Activist Mailing List

------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have never received such a response to anything... and so fast! I've got emails flooding in and it's 2am!!! Wait till morning! I sent this to Bill Maher, too. Don't be surprised if it comes up on PI ;-) love ---ann

------------------------------------------------------------------------ I used the 'contact us' submission forms of Americangreetings.com and Staples.com to send each company my notice that I am boycotting their company. http://corporate.americangreetings.com/contactus/index.html http://www.staples.com/support/contact/contact.asp?Type=other_quest --- T. B.

----------------------------------------------------------------------- That is frightening. We could all finger McCaffrey, but I would be afraid of what the people running this site might do with the cookies. ---Rose Ann

---------------------------------------------------------------------- This is so Nazi Regime! I went to the site and looked at everything they had. This is totally gross. Here's the information on the site owner etc. This guy is a bounty hunter, IMO.

Michael Loudermilk (DRUGTIP-DOM) PO Box 10411 Westminster, CA 92685-0411 US Domain Name: DRUGTIP.COM ---Candy

-------------------------------------------------------------------- concerning the "turn in a dealer" "charity site" if you want to continue the dialogue with those on your e-mail list. Personally I think you`ve hit on an important issue that needs exploring and exposing. Most people think charities are above reproach and never give it a second thought as to their true motives. So, its important to enlighten the people. Sincerely, -----Donna/MACC

-------------------------------------------------------------------- Kay, I think it's about time we started turning in some of the politicians, prosecutors, cops and control freaks..... are they not afterall criminals? Is not George Bush a serial killer? ---Kobutsu

-------------------------------------------------------------------- We've got to put a stop to this immediately. Let's start with a boycott of Staples, American Greetings and whoever else comes up on their site. The is tooooooooooo Hitleresque. Thank you, Kay Lee. I certainly will help to get this info 'out there'. The potential for abuse is astronomical. (Tom, do you have the time to jump on this?) I addressed this to Tom and Kay, but I have also sent this message to my entire address book under 'bcc' (Sorry --for any duplicates...) I am so furious after visiting this site, it will definitely take me a WHILE to calm down. I've got to go for a walk before I punch or break something. Even us pacifists have our limits... This site crosses the line. I haven't been this po'd by a website since that right-to-life hit list. ---ann

--------------------------------------------------------------------- This is to notify you that I will boycott Staples and work actively to dissuade all my acquaintances from ever buying so much as a paper clip from you. This is the most disgusting "promotion" I've ever seen. Your director of marketing is some kind of genius! ---T. O.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- this is more than obscene.....i dub it as policestate.com.......that site makes me puke ---A. K.

------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think the best thing to do with this site is to submit 'tips' on every single nincompoop in this insane war on drugs, from Barry McCaffery on down. Use names of your local cops and DARE officers, and make them spend so much time investigating the bogus tips tht the purpose of the site is defeated. I think this is better than a boycott (you need to cut 5%-8% of their business to have an affect) or an outright attack against the Drug Tip site. Someone should make a list of names, cities, counties and states to use as fodder. Starting here: Violation Barry McCaffery Washington DC Drug Dealer -- Dan Lungren Sacremento CA Drug Dealer -- James Burke New York NY Drug Dealer ---Bonnie

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, now... let's help them out. They are sincere in wanting to help our communities, so let's tell them about that nasty rapist, Mr. Clinton, who is moving to Chappaqua; that awful John Rowland in Connecticut, who beat his wife, that munchie fiend Mrs. Gore, who smoked pot with her husband albert, that Mr gingrich, who admitted smoking it, that Mr. Bush Jr., who admitted smoking it, that Mr. Bush senior, who has glaucoma so is an automatic suspect... we should swamp them. They want us to report violence? Dump a list of cops on 'em. Dump the entire Congress on 'em. Make sure your email subject changes so that they can't filter it out. Send 'em McCaffrey's name; the guy wants to start a war in South america, and threaten peaceful doctors in California, so let's drop a dime on him... ---D.F.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a perfect example of a use for the new DrugNews archive "send the headlines" feature I mentioned recently. I went to the news archive http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/ then did a search on the word "snitch." I found 19 articles just since 1/1/00 (I could have sent more by searching farther back in the archive) . I then went to the bottom of the list of articles and inserted the drugtips.com email address feedback@drugtip.com selected "all" "links" and "Text" in the pull down menus and thereby sent the list below to DrugTips.com. Please learn and use this terrific feature it is an outstanding way to quickly and easily educate drug warriors journalists and nearly anyone else on practically any drug related subject. Note that the program even allows you to put a note at the top of the links you send your info to. ---M.G.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- TO: Drugtip.com: You folks really are misguided. Below I have provided links to articles from our archive collected since 1/1/00. Reading them may help drive home the point of how pointless and destructive your idea of snitching is. I have much more info. Please let me know whether you are open minded enough to review it. ---M.G.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- US CO: Woman Says No-Knock Raid Used As Leverage URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n236/a05.html

US NY: The Miseducation Of Elaine Bartlett URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n195/a12.html

US: A Veteran Of The Drug War Fires At U.S. Policy URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n173/a01.html

CN BC: Delta's Growing Pains URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n166/a05.html

US TN: Policeman Who Aided FBI Inquiry Became A Target URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n203/a03.html

CN BC: Reefer Madness: The War On Pot URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n160/a03.html

US UT: Campaign Aims For The Death Of Meth URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n157/a02.html

US MA: FBI's Glitches With Snitches In Boston URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n117/a10.html

US MO: Story of Drug Informant - Confusing To Many URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n103/a03.html

US NJ: Witness Testifies Camden Mayor Tipped Off Dealers URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n103/a06.html

US CA: Search Unwarranted URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n094/a04.html

US NJ: Witness: Milan Aided Effort To Get Drug Money URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n078/a10.html

US: Top U.S. Drug Snitch Is A Legend And A Liar URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n058/a04.html

US TX: Searches By Police Drawing Scrutiny URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n068/a09.html

US OR: Expensive Informant Fails In Drug Case URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n159/a03.html

US FL: OPED: 'War On Drugs' Corrupts Justice URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n053/a11.html

US: Column: The Corrupting Influence Of Nation's War On Drugs URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n009/a02.html

US PA: Drug Foe Finds Property Trashed URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n006/a03.html

US: OPED: A Corrupt 'War On Drugs' URL: http://www.mapinc.org/drugnews/v00/n005/a06.html

The Snitch Site's Response to these letters:

"Due to an overwhelming response from concerned citizens in regards to making anonymous tips, we are discontinuing that portion of our site. Come back soon and you will find we have changed the focus towards helping people with adiction problems and informing our youth of the dangers or certain illegal drugs. Thanks to everyone for their input, we will make this a much more useful site because of you."

The link: http://www.drugtip.com/index.html

J William Davis