Achtung! It's Christmas!

You vill shop und you vill like it!

Get an early start on Christmas shopping this year. Check out what merchants have got in store for you online.... Start off by trimming the tree with OFFICER SANTA! Doesn't it make you all warm and fuzzy inside to think of Santa, the Christmas tree ornament, all decked out in blue? Available from Christmas Tree Hill for a mere $20.00.
"Officer Santa"
Next you'll want to look for some great toys to put under the tree... toys that could come straight from Officer Santa's toy bag! For the irreverent shopper we have Southpark's: "Talking Cartman In Police Suit" Available alongside all the other stuffed toys at for $29.95.
Cartman in Police Suit
We know you're really getting in the Christmas shopping spirit now, so here's something to really wet your police whistle.... from comes the COMMAND CENTER MEGA-RIG by Mattel. Verbatim description: "A huge, complete police command center at your fingertips! A convict has escaped. Use your searchlight, chopper, boats and if you have to, missiles, to find the criminal! All in matchbox pieces, $27.99, recommended for ages 5+ years." Yes, little Johnny or Jenny will have oodles of fun with this wholesome fare huh?
Police Command Center by Mattel
All lathered up on the boyzinblue? Has got something for you! What do our little tykes need to completely set the mood for their "educational" toys? Why, the authentic looking POLICE HELMUT & VEST of course! A 10-piece set of equipment for junior officers. Includes deluxe helmut, vest, badge, Walkie Talkie, cuffs with key and a safe & soft nightstick (so Rodney King should feel good about buying this for his kids) .... oh, and a notation at the end assures responsible parents that there is "no gun included" ... now there's a concept.... Recommended for ages 3-10 (the formative years).
Police Helmut & Vest
So the tree is all trimmed. You did buy about twenty OFFICER SANTAS to adorn your tree didn't you? Online searching found no OFFICER JESUS for the miniature cradle under your tree, but maybe next year. Tree's all trimmed, toys all wrapped, now it's time to reward yourself with a gift from Absolute Ties Online: The M&MPOLICE TIE! You'll never look at the newest M&M color, blue, again.... guaranteed. Happy Holidays!
M & M Police Tie