WHEN THE DOG COMES  Drug-sniffing dog

Picture a large room full of giggling 9th grade girls. They're divided up by tables, 6 girls to a table with one female teachers aide to act as a buffer. Incredibly, a male policeman also sits presiding over every table(!). No this isn't the twilight zone, it's real. The subject of discussion at every table is compulsory police searches of classrooms. Surprise searches... one of the policemen dutifully points out. He also clarifies it for the girls... they aren't "searches" they're "education". He didn't clarify why he wears a U.S. city police insignia on his arm instead of a swastika. He explained that this "education" entailed entering classrooms unannounced to search purses and pockets under suspicion. He didn't mention orifices but perhaps he was just being polite. One teen said she hadn't personally seen a search yet. A teachers aide at her table said she had. This table's policeman said they could expect to see searches (whoopsie, he forgot to say "education") once a month, once every six months or three a week, they would never know. "When the dog comes... we'1l pick a class". He was positively glowing at the prospect. More discussion followed about the small percentage of actual drugs turned up in past "educational" drills. Even so, plans are in the works to hold more of these discussions at police-chaired tables, only with younger students. No mention as to why no male students are being targeted for this indoctrination. Most probably it is for the same reason factory slave labor in third world countries is predominately young females...they're easier to control by male bosses. And what has all this to do with M.A.C.C. and why are we concerning ourselves with it? This is an obscene example of using the so-called drug war to take away liberties in our country. This new wrinkle... education of young female neophytes to go along with the program and accept compulsory searches as a part of life is perhaps the most reprehensible and scary development to date. Programming of future generations and mothers of still more generations will voluntarily and systematically divest Americans of liberty.

When the dog comes....

Director of M.A.C.C.