Drug courts, the new rage of "society," but what are they really? For those who remain ignorant about various drugs and the real effects they have on the human body, they are the next step in an enterprise undertaken 20 some years ago, that is, "a drug free America."

They are a means with which those who wish to control people, the habits they have or the substances they choose to ingest. A "heavy hammer" with all the authority of the law. The government, under a thin disguise will now tell the users of drugs, whether or not they have committed any 'real' crimes, that "You will conform to the governmental prescribed morals and personal health standards, or we will destroy life completely."

"You will become submissive before your righteous rulers, or we will throw you in prison. Where you'll be raped, and beaten and subjected to the general inhumanity and indignity that permeates the prison system. Or you will submit to government approved "treatment" facilities, where we will rape you of your identity and individuality, where we will reprogram your thoughts and actions."

"You will be stripped of your liberties and your privacy and we will endeavor to invade every aspect of your life to insure that you have submitted to conformity."

No my friends, drug courts are not the answer, they are merely the next step in domination of the human spirit. The next step in destroying what remains of our liberties. The next step in world domination by the "great social order." A step that will crush human lives beneath the boot heels of tyrants.

Jim White