Dear Merl,

I am very sorry that your son has spent so much time of his young life in prison on such a trivial crime when there are people out there that kill and get away with it. Money talks and I hate to admit that. Please turn the American Flag Upright. Do not hate everyone. The people of the USA have so much to be thankful for but so much to be ashamed of, like what the judicial system has so cruely done to your son. I would be outraged to, but you must not blame our flag on this or all of the people in this great land of ours. Put the blame where it belongs, in our judicial system. Only in America can one born here be cast aside and someone that flees to our country be helped survive while our own seniors are being cut out of their social security to pay for the non american that have fleed to our country. What is wrong with this picture???? Put the flag right PLEASE. I support you and your son. I will do what I can to help I promise. Our government is really wrong on this one, but not our flag.


Dear Renee

Flying the Flag as I do is a signal of Distress and in no way denotes any disdain for the Flag or the Country. My Family is definitely in distress. I am a Disabled American Veteran. I have 2 Honorable Discharges from service to this country. I served this country for close to 10 years. I did not serve my country during the Korean War to have my Son or any other Son of an American treated the way mine is being treated. Michael has already been a hostage of our state for almost 10 years over some old car parts. The "wanting to get ahead prosecutor" who vindictively prosecuted Mike has no service to this country. He is the epitome of what is wrong.

Michael is not an isolated case in the so-called justice system. Way too many young men are having their lives destroyed by "Win At All Costs Prosecutors". There are, as of this year over 2-million citizens of the United States in prison slave labor camps. They are aptly referred to as slave labor camps because the Prison Industrial Complex is one of the fastest growing businesses in the US. There are approximately 6-million Americans in prison, in jails, on probation, on some kind of Control in the US. America is 5% of the world's population and has 25% of the prisoners. Statistics show that approximately 80% of the hostages in American prisons are NON-VIOLENT crimes and small time marijuana users. The percentage of violent killers and those of that ilk make up about 7% of the prisoners.

There are most definitely people in prison who belong there, but Mike and countless others are not one of them. Texas (Gov. GW Bush) murders more people than any other state and now we have a Bush as Gov. and I fear we are now in a race between George and Jeb to see who can murder the most people. GOD help us if GW Bush wins the presidency. I appreciate your offer to help however the only thing the system understands is money and I don't have anymore for them.

Letters of support to the Executive Office of Clemency might help but with a Bush in office I don't give it much hope. We have a Writ of Habeas Corpus in with the Federal Government right now and that might be the last hope and Mike may be in there another 16 years. Mind you this is all over some old car parts.

Flying the Flag as I do is in no way analogous to my feelings for this Country as a matter of fact it denotes the Freedom that I am supposed to have to do just that. Freedoms that are being taken away from Americans at an alarming rate by the New World Order Hired Goons (now known as The Union), the CFR, FEMA, BATF, CIA and all the other alphabet soup of names the destroyers of Freedom use.

George W Bush has stated "There should be Limits to Freedom". This is still a great country and I wish it would get back to the greatness that it once was. I get sick when I hear people say "Ours may not be perfect, but ours is the best Judicial System in the World". Bitter, yes, very but I do not HATE anyone, I am very dismayed that so many Americans living their lives for the Mercedes and the good life could care less about the unfortunate ones here. These people are known to us in the prison activist community as Sheeple. And they do not open their eyes to the atrocities until they as the blind sheep are about to be pushed over the cliff. The leaders of America run all over the World bombing countries and murdering people and all in the name of Human Rights abuses by those countries. I pray for the day they start addressing to the Human Rights abuses and violations perpetrated on Americans by Americans.

The leaders of this country are the ones who have caused other people to hate us. And then they warn us of perceived terrorist attacks that they have caused. My Son has a home to come to if I ever get him out. However so many hostages do not have a home to go to and when they are released and un-skilled they are given $100. One hundred dollars to get a place to live, find a job, get transportation, buy clothes etc. And the average citizen wonders why recidivism is so high.


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