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These are just a few of the real stories of real people . . .

Young woman trades senior citizens car for crack. Owner reports it stolen ignored. Driver later stopped for speeding, shot and killed by police. Riots stem from incident.

Young man sets fire to himself in backyard because of inability to quit crack addiction ... dies.

Mother shoots and kills daughter because she is crack addict.

Popular sitcom actor seen repeatedly in crack houses ... appears emaciated on TV ... friends fear for his health and life.

Middle-aged man commits suicide after lengthy battle with crack addiction ... leaves teenage son searching for reasons.

Woman found stabbed to death after neighbors hear screams. A known crack addict and prostitute ... she leaves husband and children to grieve.

Man cuts off own penis while smoking crack ... mother praying at his side.

Male TV drama actor commits suicide while in crack induced depression.

Famous father sues drug dealer for wrongful death ... loses due to late filing. Drug dealer counter-sues for slander. Father vindicated by jury.

Crack addict mother loses custody of daughter to ex-husband, takes her from school, subject of nationwide search.

Comedic actor admits crack addiction and bizarre behavior of driving nude to crack connection.

Young mother turns to prostitution to support crack addiction, becomes latest victim of serial killer ... remembered by family as loving mother.

Man goes on crime spree, robbing restaurant, convenience store and bank before being caught ... family acknowledges crack addiction.

Man grabs crack from dealer and drives away ... hits child playing nearby ... child dies.

For every story you see here, there are thousands upon thousands more across the USA!

The situation is out of control ...